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Turnkey Script makes nothing but excellent products. This website runs of the first version of the Psa swap script created by Turnkey Script

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In the time of social media the border lines on what's private and copyrighted is becoming a gray area. We only use the best in the internet copyright field to protect our business.

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We only use the best green hosting providers currently on the market. We expect nothing less than a perfect hosting record from our servers.

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Simplicity and Excellence at work

We are here simply to make sure the banners from Public Service Ads runs smoothly. The Public service ads was introduced by Google Adsense when they started giving registered charities a chance to show their banners for free. For some reason Google Adsense announced the end of this service in 2012 but the option will still be there. What we PSA swap is to provide a code so that instead of one banner you can rotated unlimited banners on your websites in different categories